Remuneration Tribunal

The tribunal is an independent statutory body that undertakes inquiries into the remuneration and entitlements of key Northern Territory office holders.

The tribunal’s reports and determinations are tabled in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly.

It is responsible for:

  • conducting annual reviews of the entitlements of Northern Territory Magistrates and making determinations or recommendations about those entitlements
  • conducting annual reviews of the salaries and entitlements of Members of the Legislative Assembly, including office holders such as the Speaker of the Assembly, Ministers and the Leader of the Opposition, and making determinations or recommendations about those entitlements (under a Standing Request issued by the Administrator of the Northern Territory)
  • conducting reviews and making recommendations about the entitlements of members of Northern Territory Government statutory bodies and statutory officers, including Judges, as requested by the Administrator from time to time.

The Tribunal does not have a role in setting salaries for NT Supreme Court Judges, as these are linked to Federal Court Judge salaries.


Member: Mr John Flynn AM

Member: Mr Michael Martin OAM


Enquiries can be directed to the Assistant to the Tribunal
p. (08) 8999 6539
f. (08) 8999 6084
a. GPO Box 4396, DARWIN, NT, 0801

Current Inquiries

There are no current inquiries being conducted by the Tribunal.

Tribunal Reports, Recommendations and Determinations

Assembly Members



    Report and Recommendation No. 1 of 2005 - Judges


* Parts of Determination No. 1 of 2005 (Magistrates) was disallowed by the Legislative Assembly on 13 October 2005. The effect of the disallowance action was that the daily rate of travelling allowance for Brisbane and Perth continued at $360, not $325 as determined, and the rate for lunch in places other than a Capital City in Table 3 continued at $25, not $19 as determined.

** Clause 7 of Report and Determination No. 1 of 2006 Ministers and Members of the Legislative Assembly was disallowed by the Legislative Assembly on 21 February 2007.