Register of Legislation

Whilst every care has been taken in their preparation, the documents on the Register of Legislation database should only be used as a guide and no responsibility is taken or accepted for their accuracy. Acts and subordinate legislation printed by the Government Printer remain the authoritative versions.

This database contains details of Bills put forward for consideration by the Legislative Assembly, Acts resulting from these proposals and new and amending subordinate legislation. The legislation has been arranged into categories. Click on the links below to view these different categories.

Legislation is available in Word and PDF from 2005 for Acts and Subordinate Legislation and from the Tenth Session of Parliament for Bills. To view, download or print the Word or PDF version, click on the icon.



Acts and Subordinate Legislation

  • Acts by Year
    Acts according to the year they received assent
  • By Agency
    Subordinate legislation according to the responsible Agency
  • By Parent Act
    Subordinate legislation according to their Parent Act
  • By Title
    Subordinate legislation by their title

This database, the Current Northern Territory Legislation Database and the Northern Territory Legislation History Database are on the Hansard & Legislation page of the Northern Territory Government website at

or on the Department of the Chief Minister website.

Copyright of documents on these three databases is retained by the Northern Territory.

If you have a query about any of the databases, please contact the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel on (08) 8999 7967 or (08) 8999 7944.