Insignia of the Northern Territory

Insignia of the Northern Territory:

Coat of Arms - armorial ensign
Northern Territory Flag
Faunal emblem one – Wedge-tailed Eagle
Faunal emblem two – Red Kangaroo
Floral emblem – Sturt’s Desert Rose

Use of the Northern Territory insignia

Use of the Northern Territory insignia is governed by the Northern Territory Flag and Emblem Act 1985.

The following broad guidelines apply:

  1. The Northern Territory Coat of Arms is not to be used other than for Government purposes.
  2. The Northern Territory Flag is to be flown by persons and bodies on land and sea along similar lines to those adopted for use of the National Flag.
  3. Greater use of the Northern Territory Flag by private citizens should be encouraged.
  4. The Northern Territory Flag should not be subject to usage, which lowers the dignity of the Flag.
  5. The Northern Territory floral and faunal emblems may only be used for commercial or sporting activities after specific approval is granted. 

For more information contact Protocol NT by emailing or calling 8999 6238.