Current security environment

The Department of the Chief Minister is responsible for coordinating government preparedness for and responses to issues or incidents that may affect the security of the Northern Territory and its people.

During an incident the department is the point of liaison and coordination with the Australian Government and other states and territories. The department also ensures that the public is kept informed and coordinates public information.

We work closely with the NT Police Security and Emergency Section and with other NT organisations who have a role in responding to the consequences of a terrorist act.

Australia has a system of national counter terrorism alert levels as a way of providing public awareness of terrorist activity. The system is designed to inform national preparation and planning and to provide greater flexibility for responses.

The current national alert level is at high. This means a terrorist attack is likely.

Changes to the alert level that impact on the NT will be communicated by both the Prime Minister and the NT Chief Minister.

More information on this and other issues such as travel advice and security for businesses can be found on the National Security website.

National Counter Terrorism Alert Level: High
Contact email address:
National Security Hotline Number: 1800 123 400